Debating Secretary


Joint Debating Secretary

Dr. B. Jeberlin Prabina

Professor (Agrl. Microbiology)

Our Works

The English Language is a work in progress. Have fun with it.

– Jonathan Culver

Motto: Practice, Perform, Progress

The Debating Society provide a myriad of opportunities to the active participants and listeners of the English oriented events. It serves as a platform for the students to demonstrate their talents in speaking, debating, poem writing, creative writing, essay writing and many more. The Debating society tried to immerse presentation and speech skills into as a part of performance that unlocks the talents of students. The writing events unleash the ability to elaborate, precise and brief on various topics. The students develop organizational speaking method by participating in debate and other oratorical events. Hence, it proves to be a stepping stone in improving the vocabulary and helps for the better conversation and communication. It helps the students show off their skills who are motivated to overcome stage fear.